I have always been an animal enthusiast.  Being with animals has been a lifelong passion, bordering on obsession.  At a very young age, I declared that I wanted to grow up to be a dog trainer.  To get my feet wet, I trained our dogs to do a lot of tricks.  My golden retriever would pull me on rollerblades or a sled, shake hands, and roll over.  I had no formal training to teach them things, but was learning through trial and error.

When I got to high school, I got my very own dog.  I began reading many books on dog training and sought to teach my dog, Mayzie, as much as possible.  I taught her the basics of sit, down, stay, heel, come, but I also taught her numerous other “fancy” tricks.  Among these, she could crawl, speak with a loud and soft woof and bring her bowl to me.  She was trained, but was far from being a well-behaved dog.

As a puppy, Mayzie was very destructive.  She often got overexcited to meet anyone, and she couldn’t be trusted off leash.  If Mayzie spotted another dog before I did, she was off like a shot to greet it and deaf to my calls.

As I got ready to go to college, I was more than eager to find answers to why our dogs were misbehaving the way that they did.  I attended UC Davis and majored in Animal Science with a focus on Behavior.  I learned a lot about dogs and problem-solving techniques to deal with behavior challenges, but I still had the nagging questions of why dogs were developing behavior issues in the first place.

Thankfully, as I completed my senior year at UC Davis, I discovered Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.  I was immediately enthralled with his methods and insight into the dog psyche, and I finally began to get some of the answers I had been looking for.  Even though I watched and studied every one of his shows, I knew that I wanted more knowledge.  I contacted Cesar Millan’s organization, which directed me to Linn Boyke, one of only three apprentices to Cesar Millan.

I signed up for Linn Boyke’s ZEN4K9S Shadow Program, an in-depth, hands-on training in dog psychology and behavior modification.  Following the Shadow Program, I worked with Linn for another year to solidify my skills under his guidance.

Though I will always be learning and advancing my skills, I finally have a strong understanding of dog psychology and communication and am excited to share that knowledge with dog owners to strengthen and enrich the human-canine bond.

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