Many people struggle with issues they are having with their dogs.  These issues can be very minor inconveniences or can be life-altering, major challenges.  Ultimately, all of these issues stem from poor communication, lack of consistent leadership and unclear expectations.  Dogs can pick up an astounding vocabulary of human words, but these words will mean nothing when the dog is reacting on instinct.  The only way to control a dog reacting on instinct is to be perceived as a trustworthy leader.  Many people have very unfair expectations of their dogs, expecting a perfectly behaved (by human social standards) partner, protector and friend with minimal effort.  These people expect their canine companions to fulfill their own human needs without making sure to also fulfill their dogs’ very different primal needs.  In order to have an equally fulfilling relationship, people must find a way to first meet their dogs’ needs and help their dogs to achieve and maintain balance.  A balanced dog will always fulfill a human’s needs.

The foundation for a truly well-trained dog is first a balanced, fulfilled and well-behaved dog.  If one establishes strong groundwork with consistent leadership, training will be much easier.

Whether you want a well-trained dog, help with dog behavior issues, the knowledge to communicate in a way that your dog will understand and be able to understand why your dog behaves the way that it does, I can help.  My training at ZEN4K9S with Linn Boyke, who was directly taught by Cesar Millan, “The Dog Whisperer”, has given me a much deeper understanding of dog psychology and fulfillment.  I intend to pass on as much of this knowledge as possible to continue the expansion of awareness about achieving balance and happiness with your dog.

The goal is to Be and Have K9 Bliss.

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