The basis for any good relationship is good communication, understanding and trust.  Even in our relationships with dogs, these elements are still vital.  Without them, we can never reach the full potential in our human-canine bond.  Many dogs and humans are confused, frustrated and stressed.  It is my goal to alleviate these issues and help humans achieve balance and a state of bliss with their dogs.  Solving problems is about knowing the causes, what might be perpetuating the problems and devising strategies to change the circumstances.

Dogs, like humans, have very basic needs for food, water, shelter and especially safety.  In the dog world, leadership translates to safety.  Dogs look to their leader to take control of any situation.  If the leader has control, the dog will feel safe.  When a dog feels safe, it has no need to act out in any way and will be calm and content.  In the absence of a leader, anything can make a dog feel unsafe and it will react in any number of ways to make itself feel better.  This can mean running away, hiding or aggression.

With the proper structure, and consistency in leadership and communication, people can help their dogs to feel secure at all times, which will lead to blissful companions that are trustworthy and relaxed.  By fulfilling the dogs’ needs first, people will be able to truly enjoy their relationships with their dogs.  A balanced and fulfilled dog is willing to do almost anything asked of it and is easy to have around for nearly any occasion.

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