Private Consultation

This one and a half hour session usually takes place first in your home to determine the causes of any issues and establish a structure to fit your individual situation.  After the first consultation, further visits can be anywhere that would most benefit the process of modifying your dog’s behavior or training.  In this session, you will learn how your dog perceives its world and how this perception leads to the issues you are facing.  You will learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that it will understand and I will help you to formulate a plan to structure your lifestyle to create proactive and lasting good habits with your dog.


Group Classes

These classes will be informative and will strengthen your understanding of dog psychology.  You will enhance your own communication skills while also teaching your dog basic manners and life skills including sit, down, stay and come while in a safe, but distracting environment.


Board and Train / Rehab

This intensive program is designed to completely change your relationship with your dog by removing bad habits and establishing a new way of relating.  Sometimes, our interactions and reactions become so habitual that it is difficult to find a place to start to make a change.  In the K9 Bliss rehab program, your dog will come to stay with me to learn a new way of being.  The change of environment will remove all associations and give me a clean slate to start the process of developing good habits in your dog.  Once I have laid the foundation of good habits, I will work with you to take over where I leave off and help you to remove any bad former associations to make new associations where you are the one in control.  Your dog will stay with me for approximately 30 days and then will return home for you to continue the rehab process on your own with abundant support and guidance from me. 


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