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When we met Tammy, I was pregnant, and we owned two out-of-control LARGE dogs: a chocolate lab and a newfoundland. That was two years ago. I wish I had a video to illustrate the transformation that's taken place in our household. I can now walk 200+ pounds of dog, and push a stroller, without skipping a beat. When the UPS driver rings the doorbell, the dogs calmly wait behind the threshold, instead of lunging for the door. And when guests come over, the dogs lounge in their beds -- until asked to come meet our guests. Calmly. Life without Tammy would have translated to complete chaos and mayhem in terms of our dogs. Instead, we get compliments from anyone who meets them. -- Malin Kennedy

My Chihuahua mix, Mocho, was getting more and more possessive about everything in the house and yard.  He would bark and charge at visitors and I couldn't trust him not to nip at anyone including our own family members.  I tried the regular obedience class where Mocho did learn to walk without pulling on a leash, sit, down and stay, but he would still have issues with fear biting and aggression towards strangers.  After one session with Tammy, we learned how to interact with him.  She showed us how to gain back the pack leadership and establish our authority and control. -- Paula Jiru

Tammy Cowen helped us so much with our dog, Misha. We went from Misha pulling on her leash when taking her for a walk to not even needing a leash and she’d walk by our side.  Tammy worked with Misha while explaining to us how and why she was training her a certain way with certain methodology.  She helped us understand that Misha wanted us to be in charge.  That was a huge revelation to me.  I stopped letting Misha run out the door ahead of me.  She became quieter and would sit and wait for me to allow her out.  Tammy helped me understand much of how dogs think and how they respond to our actions accordingly.  I highly recommend this talented animal behavior guidance specialist.  She has an extraordinary talent and love for both animals and people.  She loves to see dog owners experience the bliss possible in having a well behaved and content pet. -- Mindy Huff, O’Fallon, MO

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